Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chiang Mai cultural and food tour Part 2

 Sawatdee Ka! In my last post, I left off just as we got to the food markets near our lovely guesthouse, Elliebum, in Chiang mai, Thailand. Here are more of the interesting foods we encountered...

These are dried fish stomachs. This type is to be eaten, but stomachs from large, deep water ocean fish are considered valuable collectors items.

The pods on the far left contain some sort of nut

In case anyone is wondering, these prices are per kilo, and 10 baht is about 30 cents US!

hese fruit, called longan, are everywhere this time of year in Chiang Mai. The trees around our guesthouse are loaded with them. They are mild and juicy like a lychee, but with one small bitter seed in the center (I found out the hard way)

lychee- the fresh fruit is so much better than the canned (big surprise, right? ;)

beautiful dragonfruit

gnoh (rambutan) - the outside may look a little intimidating, but they are easy to peel and delicious!  (very much like a lychee, but a bit sweeter and less juicy)
super-spicy Thai chilies

in the lower middle part of the screen is a bag of kefir limes, upper right is fresh ginger, middle top is waxed firewood

Gade said these are "lady fingers," and from what I found online that means they are okra, maybe a special variety?

on the left are some giant type of okra

These are betel nut, dried on the left and fresh on the right and far left. They are wrapped up with tobacco and other herbs and chewed for a "buzz." This is the nut you see people using on Discovery Channel with black mouths and teeth

These are a dessert made from candied egg yolks

There were many food stalls with open containers of cooked foods - we didn't have any from this market but did have some spicy Southern Thai food later served in this way....I have to say I prefer the "cooked fresh" variety ;)

Neither Gerry or I are big fans of pork, but it is a very popular meat in Northern Thailand and Gade told us we should try this amazing sausage on the left (under the lady's arm) - and she was right! It was hot, spicy, and delicious! It was so nice to have Gade to guide us through the market and encourage us to try foods outside our "comfort zone" ;)

I have to go get ready for Thai massage class now (it's 7am here), but I hope you enjoyed Part 2 and check back for more.... Kop khun ka!

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